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The Surprising Health Benefits of a Hair Salon and Massage Combo

A trip to the salon can be a great way to relax and get away from everyday life. But did you know that going to the salon can also benefit your health?

Often, salons will offer massage and other spa treatments. Here are the surprising health benefits of a salon and massage combo.

Getting a Haircut

There is something about getting a haircut that makes people feel free and beautiful. If your hair is starting to look unruly, or you’ve got a bad case of frizz, it’s time to visit the hair salon for a fresh cut.

Getting your hair cut regularly will prevent your hair from becoming unhealthy and dull. This is because it helps to keep the strands healthy by removing dead strands and encouraging new growth.

For working professionals, time is money, and every hour that goes by without a haircut can mean a missed opportunity or an additional cost. Luckily, some mobile hairdressers can come to you and give you the haircut you need while you work.

An excellent haircut is the most effective approach to making your face appear smaller and younger. It can also assist you in removing a sloppy or unkempt appearance, making it easier to maintain a clean and professional image.

Getting a Massage

A massage is a luxury and a delight, but it is also one of the most effective ways to relieve tension and make your body feel better. Studies have shown that massage considerably lowers stress hormone cortisol levels, enhances blood circulation, reduces muscle pain and stiffness, and raises serotonin and dopamine.

It’s essential for those who lead an active lifestyle, as it helps your muscles recover from workouts and makes you less prone to injury. This is because it can loosen your tendons, ligaments, and joints, which makes you more flexible and helps you move more freely.

If you have a chronic health condition like an autoimmune disease, getting regular massage services to balance your immune system can be beneficial. This is because massage can decrease your Th1 and increase your Th2 immunity responses, essential to keeping your body healthy. Massage can also help with fatigue, a common side-effect of many illnesses.

Getting a Facial

Facials are a great way to give your skin that fresh glow. Regularly getting facials can also slow the aging process and help with acne.

During a facial, the esthetician will clean your face and apply a mask designed specifically for your skin type. They will also provide some form of massage to your face, neck, and shoulders. This usually includes acupressure and lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

Facial massage strengthens the muscles in your face and can improve your complexion by helping to eliminate dead skin cells. It also reduces stress by stimulating your body’s acupressure points and decreasing anxiety. Many salons offer LED light therapy facials, which use a variety of wavelengths to stimulate ATP production, promote collagen synthesis and reduce inflammation. These are becoming very popular. Some salons are even offering this treatment in combination with a classic facial.


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