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The Complete Guide to Selling Art Online: Everything to Know

Are you an artist? Do you think you’re ready to take your artwork to a professional level? Deciding to start selling your art is a big and exciting decision, and could lead to a full-time career.

However, there are several steps in between making the art and selling art online that have to be completed first.


Pricing your artwork is an important first step, especially if you’re selling your art on your own online art store or at a shop. If you are new to the scene, try finding artists who do similar work to get an idea, but you may not be able to sell your work for as high a price right away. 

You don’t want to price your work too low, but you also can’t go too high right away without any sales history or reputation behind you. A place to start is to find the hourly wage you’d like to be paid, multiply that by the hours it took to make the piece and then add the cost of the materials required for the art piece. This will give you a good beginning estimate to work with when deciding on a fair artwork price.


If you want to sell your art, no matter the types of art you make, you need to do some marketing. You want to have engaging social media so people know you exist, whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or a combination. This is how you can get the word out about your art, no matter where you’re selling it. 

People still enjoy engaging with others, so even if you’re selling online, being able to engage with the artist is a big plus. And building a following can garner more attention for your art and more future customers.

Your “Type”

While you’re learning to sell your work, notice the marketing for artist brands that are similar to you. What type of art do you make and what type of art do you want to sell? Who is your audience and what kinds of products are you making to sell? 

Advertising art online is about knowing your audience and who will likely want to buy your work. Are you selling one-of-a-kind landscape paintings? Or are you selling prints of your comics that you post every day on Instagram? 

Where to Sell

Deciding where to sell your art can be a bid decision. If you want to do all the ins and outs, you might want to make your own online art store or go through a place like Etsy, where you handle the orders but don’t have to run a website as well.

You might want to sell your art in many forms, so a site like Redbubble would work. This decision depends on the kind of art you make, where your audience is likely to shop, and the amount of control you want in the process. If you’re trying to sell entirely digital art you might visit and other online-focused shops that market those types of art.

Selling Art Online

One of the biggest tips with selling art online is to do your research and use every resource available to you. Look at other artists similar to you to see where and how they sell their art and build off of those options. 

The internet is a vast place of opportunity, so use it to your advantage and learn where your work belongs. And if this helped you feel more confident in beginning the sales process, keep reading for more tips and tricks.


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