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Steady Career Growth: 4 Key Things Every Freelancer Should Know

You may be asking: is there a way to keep improving and earning more as a self-employed freelancer?

The answer is yes. Steady career growth is possible as a freelancer, but you’ll have to hustle!

There are ways that you can continue to succeed while doing freelance work, and this article will go through some key tips.

1. Find Ways to Get More Clients

Maybe you’ve grown somewhat comfortable with your current clientele, but know that there’s always the potential for more clients and better-paying ones. It’s always a good idea to have enough clients so that you will always have a stable income. 

You can ask your current clients for referrals (if you have a positive ongoing relationship with them) or continue to update your portfolio and website. You can also keep connecting with prospective clients on social media platforms and reach out to them. 

2. Don’t Accept Jobs With Low Fees

As a freelancer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working on more projects that pay very low. Maybe you’re running out of projects, or the client seems very nice. If you want to have good career growth, however, these projects will end up taking too much time out of your day and will result in less satisfaction on your part. 

As much as possible, avoid saying yes to jobs that pay very little, and focus your time and efforts on clients who pay a decent amount. 

3. Keep Track of Your Income

As you start getting more clients, you may have multiple sources of income. It can be hard to keep track of them, but you will need to in order to understand how much you’re earning. It’s also a good idea to record your income stream before tax season so that you won’t have to rush the process.

Have you checked out these blank pay stub templates? If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of client payments and tax requirements, using a pay stub is a good idea!

4. Evaluate Your Rates as You Improve

The longer you do freelance work, the better you get at it. This means that your rates can (and should) increase as you improve. If you are looking for a way to succeed in the gig economy and have a strong source of income, this means that you will have to keep evaluating how much your time and skills are worth.

Raising your rates may mean you lose some clients, but if you raise them fairly, this shouldn’t be a concern. Your skills and expertise will attract the right clients who can appreciate your work. 

How to Have Steady Career Growth Doing Freelance Work

Every freelancer dreams of a way to have a steady and successful career growth path by doing what they love to do. By continuously looking for more clients, avoiding low-paying jobs, keeping track of your income, and evaluating your rates, you can be well on your way to maintain success in the gig economy. 

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