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Laminated Mailer Vs. Traditional Direct Mail Which One is the Best?

Choosing between laminated mailers vs. traditional direct mail can be confusing for many small businesses. You must consider the costs, how to get started, and the best way to go about it.

Cost of direct mail vs. laminated mailer

Whether you are looking for a direct mail campaign, laminated mailer, or something else, there are a few things to consider before putting together a plan. You want to ensure that you get the best investment return. Direct mail offers a higher response rate than other marketing channels. To save money on a direct mail campaign, you should look for lower printing and shipping costs. The cost per piece is higher if you choose more expensive materials. You also need to factor in the time required to set up personalization. You can reduce your costs by using an automation solution. Direct mail can be designed in-house, or you can hire an agency. These tools offer a dashboard to control and track. They also eliminate the headache of calculating personal expenses. A Laminated mailer is a great way to increase the response rate of your direct-mail campaign. They are much more personal than standard paper options. 

Comparing email marketing vs. direct mail

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, build relationships with current customers, or drive conversions, you’ll consider comparing email marketing vs. direct mail. Both are useful, but they have different advantages and drawbacks. These statistics can help you decide which channel is right for you. In general, email marketing is known to be a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and boost engagements. It’s an excellent way to promote a product or service and can be used in conjunction with a customer’s postal address to drive online purchases. On the other hand, direct mail is more personal, appealing to prospects at different times of day, and can create an emotional connection with your audience. It’s also cheaper than email, so it’s a viable option for quick responses to inquiries. While direct mail is a bit old-fashioned, it’s also a proven winner in driving powerful results for acquisition campaigns. For example, 54% of recipients who receive a direct mail piece engage with the company’s social media channels. Similarly, 79% take action after reading the article, most likely resulting in a purchase from the brand’s online store. While there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to each medium, the most significant are the results. For instance, direct mail gets more responses than email. It’s also the best way to form a connection with your target audience.

Getting started with direct mail

Developing a solid email marketing strategy is essential to a company’s marketing plan. This method allows businesses to send marketing materials at a low cost. Some companies use an automated system to enable them to contact their entire database with a simple button click. Another cool tidbit is the ability to track the success of your direct mail campaign. This is particularly useful in B2B marketing, where you might use CRM software or list to target potential customers. It can also save you from spending money on postage for undeliverable mail. Keeping track of your inventory can save you time and headaches. It can even save you from having to pay for rush shipping charges. The best way to get started with direct mail is to work with a trusted partner. You may have an internal team with graphic design and web development skills, or you can work with a vendor specializing in direct mail solutions.


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