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How to Safely Buy Cannabis Online

The good news in 2021 is that many people across the US can now buy cannabis online recreationally, making it easy and legal to buy and use marijuana.

The bad news? Not everyone can buy weed where they live. At least, not legally.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones who live in an understanding state, then you no longer even need to head to a local cannabis dispensary. Although it’s great to support your local dispensaries, especially if they utilize local farming, there’s something to say about the convenience and selection available when buying cannabis online.

However, you need to be smart when buying cannabis products online. The internet is full of all kinds of people, and most don’t have your best interest in mind. It’s the same principles whether you are buying a gram of weed or bulk and wholesale Delta 8 products.

Keep reading to learn how to buy the best cannabis from an online dispensary. 

Understand Local Laws

Marijuana legality is determined on a state-by-state basis. In recent years, many states have started legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. It was previously limited to medical use only, requiring a note from a licensed physician in order to purchase it.

The first step to buying weed online is living in a place where you are allowed to do so. There are currently 21 states and territories, including Washington DC, where recreational marijuana is legal. And it all started with a Colorado vote in 2012. 

In order for dispensaries to sell weed, they need to have the proper licenses in place. When buying online, this is one of the first things you need to check for any website you visit.

If a company is not licensed to sell recreational weed, you shouldn’t buy from them.

State also determines how much weed an adult can possess at any given time, as well as if individuals are allowed to grow their own weed at home. In states like Michigan, you can also buy weed growing supplies online or in-person to grow your own plants at home.  

So if you are in a pro-marijuana state, you should be allowed to buy weed online from any licensed seller. If not, and you try to buy anyway, the website won’t let you complete the transaction, as they know which states they cannot ship their products to. 

While it might be legal to purchase cannabis for recreational use, it might not be legal to use so in public places. Always research local laws about purchasing and using marijuana. 

Understand Your Needs

Everyone uses marijuana differently. It’s important to understand why you want to purchase marijuana so that you can buy the right products from the right companies.

A lot of people use marijuana to aid with sleep. Weed can help you relax your body and mind, helping you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Many people use marijuana to help with anxiety. Smoking weed or using other cannabis products can calm your thoughts and help you feel more at ease. Weed is known to take the edge off and help many people get through the day.

Those undergoing chemo have used marijuana as a means of fighting nausea. If you experience nausea on a regular basis or when performing certain functions, then smoking weed can help prevent this.

Regardless of your primary goals, there will be certain products that will help you more than others. It’s important to understand the different strains of weed that are available so that you can choose a store that offers the perfect products for you. 

Know Which Products You Want

Weed comes in many shapes and sizes. Most people want to smoke it, and so they purchase flower products to roll their own joints. 

But you can also vape it if you buy from a store that offers vaping weed products. These are often faster acting than other forms of marijuana. 

Slower acting and longer-lasting weed products include edibles. You can buy sweets like gummies and brownies, or buy oil that you can add to your own recipes. 

When purchasing online, you need to be aware of the legal purchase limit in your state. Because states set a possession limit, you won’t be able to purchase more than this limit at any given time.

So if you are buying multiple products at once, you may need to choose smaller sizes to ensure you don’t go over the legal limit. 

Bud Quality

It’s easy to buy bad weed. It’s a bit harder to buy really good weed unless you know what you are looking for.

Good weed is going to start at the farm. Where weed is grown, cultivated, and harvested will have a huge impact on the final quality of the product.

Dispensaries have a choice of where they source their bud from. Those selling weed from reputable farming operations are the shops you should consider.

If you can’t find information about the farms on the website you are considering, then that is a red flag for final quality. If a website doesn’t share where their bud comes from, it’s because they are too embarrassed to let their customers know they are buying a poor-quality product.

Transparency is important in the marijuana industry if you want safe, high-quality products that are going to provide the benefits you long for. Research any website you are considering buying from.

Also, check out their lab results, which they hopefully share as well. 

Find Reputable Retailers

Weed doesn’t live in the dark anymore. Thanks to legalization in many states, weed producers and retailers don’t have to engage in shady business practices.

If it seems like they are, then you shouldn’t do business with them. Check the terms and conditions of any website you want to buy from. They should clearly outline the local laws that they operate under, as well as list who can and cannot buy from their store.

If they make it seem like anyone can purchase from their website, they might not be operating under the current legal guidelines and should be avoided. 

Find Good Deals When You Buy Cannabis Online

It goes without saying that shopping online can provide you with the best deals. Many online dispensaries offer free shipping, which makes it more appealing than driving to your local dispensary.

But any popular website is going to have regular specials where you can enjoy some hefty discounts. By keeping your eyes peeled for these discounts, you can get your hands on some nice products and test out many new types of products to see what works best for you. 

You can learn more here about some of the best deals available right now. 

Test Customer Support

Hopefully, once you purchase cannabis online, you won’t have any issues. But if you do, you’ll need to be able to reach the company you bought from.

Before making a purchase, check out their customer support policy. Do they have a phone number you can call? Or do they have live chat support? Or are you limited to email communication only?

Email can take days or weeks sometimes before getting a reply. Before buying, test out their communication policy by asking a few questions.

You can ask for recommendations based on your needs and goals to see if their staff is knowledgeable. If they don’t seem knowledgeable, they might just be trying to make a quick buck. Steer clear and choose a company with friendly, helpful employees who know what they are talking about. 

Buy With a Credit Card

The safest way for you to buy products online is with a credit card. In the case of fraud, scams, or other issues, credit card payments are the easiest to dispute. They offer the most consumer protection, at the expense of the retailer, of course. 

Debit cards can be more difficult to replace funds in the event of a dispute. And while cryptocurrency can offer a degree of privacy to the transaction, it offers no consumer protection, though most people holding and using crypto already understand this. 

Check Customer Reviews

Lastly, be sure to spend time reading customer reviews. One of the biggest benefits of buying online is the presence of reviews. A company with hundreds of online reviews of its products is likely very reputable.

Of course, there will be bad reviews mixed in with the good. People are more likely to leave a bad review than a good review, so keep that in mind. 

When it comes to bad reviews, see how the company handles them. A good company will leave a public reply, letting the disappointed customer know how they plan to make the situation right.

This type of interaction can provide comfort, knowing that if you have an issue, they will likely do the same for you.  

Be a Smart Consumer

So there are some wrong ways and some right ways to buy cannabis online. To get started, you just need to do some basic research.

Understand local laws, what you can buy, and how much you can buy. Then, get an idea of what types of products you want to buy and learn how to separate reputable websites from shady ones.

If you can do that, you can safely buy weed online, enjoying the best prices and the least amount of hassle.

Looking for more tips like this? Visit our blog now to keep reading. 


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