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How to Develop the Appropriate Nightclub Etiquette for a Night Out

Night owls are taking flight all over the United States. The nightclub industry made $28 billion in revenues in 2018.

You can find all types of parties if you start going to town and visiting nightclubs. But you can’t just barge into a club and act however you want. You need to know about good nightclub etiquette. 

What are the dress codes in nightclubs like? What should you do before you get into the club? How can you treat others respectfully and keep yourself safe? 

Answer these questions and you can have a great night out on the town. Here is your quick guide.

Follow the Dress Code

Every club has its own dress code, though most clubs within a particular city will adopt similar codes. Many people dress in formal clothes, assuming that’s what they need to wear to get inside. But some clubs like informal clothes in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Do your research on clubs before your night out, including by visiting websites like Most clubs will list what their dress codes are on their website. You should also look at what types of events they offer, as they may change their codes based on the event.

Wait in Line

No matter what time you make it to the club, there will be a line outside. Don’t try cutting the line or making a scene so you can get inside. The bouncer will reject you, and the other patrons may harass you.

Feel free to talk to the people with you while you are waiting in line. The more energetic you seem, the more likely the bouncer will let you into the club.

Get Your Drinks Quickly

The best nightclub will have a big bartending staff. But all nightclubs struggle with handling drink orders.

You can speed the process up by paying in cash and being brief with your drink order. Once you get your drink, move away from the bar so the next people in line can order. Make sure you tip the bar staff, even if you order a basic drink.

Know Your Boundaries

It is okay to flirt with people in the club and dance with them. But you should never touch someone unless they give you explicit permission to do so. 

To keep yourself safe, you should use the buddy system. Stay close to a friend and keep track of how many drinks you two have had. You can also bring someone who will not drink so they can give you a ride home.

Understand Essential Nightclub Etiquette

You can follow nightclub etiquette without breaking a sweat. You should follow the club’s dress code, wearing the clothing they ask for that night. 

Be prepared to wait in lines, both outside and inside. Do not cut the line or push people around, or you will get kicked out of the club. Pay for your drinks using cash and add tips. 

Get consent before you touch someone, even for something small like holding their hand. Drink responsibly and leave the club before you get too drunk. 

Etiquette can be complicated. Read more etiquette guides by following our coverage.


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