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Good Skills to List for a Resume to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Did you know that 75% of resumes get tossed before they are even seen by a real person? This makes the words, and especially the skills, you put on your resume vital to making it past the first round. 

If you are wondering what hiring managers and bots look for in a resume there are some universal talents that should not be left out. 

Read on for good skills to list for a resume to get attention. 

Management Experience

Whether you are applying for a management or supervisor position or not, these types of skills for a resume show your leadership abilities. Management experience also displays your level of maturity and work ethic.

In addition, you had to do your job while monitoring your subordinates and handling projects, which makes multitasking evident on your resume. 

Computer Programs and Software

Resume skills should always include which technology you are familiar with and your experience level. Because no matter which type of industry you work for or software is being used at the company, technical knowledge is transferable. 

Adaptability and Problem Solving

CV skills that apply to any type of job include your adaptability. And with any new type of environment, there is always the need to problem-solve to fulfill your role and improve the company. 

Creative and Design Samples

Creative and design skills show that you can think outside of the box. Companies will look for creative people even if the job itself is not in the field of design because it displays proactivity, which helps a business thrive. 

Customer Service

If you are wondering what to put for skills on a resume if you do not have a lot of experience then consider using customer service. Almost every role involves working with customers, so even if you only worked in retail you can highlight this talent. 

This skill transfers to office jobs as they showcase your communication abilities. 

Self-motivation and Time Management

Telling your new boss that they will not have to micro-manage you is always a pleasant thought. That is why self-motivation and time management go hand-in-hand as they show that you can work will little supervision and direction. 

Special Skills

The last thing you need when learning how to write a resume is to be exactly like everyone else. As long as you have specific job skills that relate to the position, feel free to add what makes you special in a separate section using a free resume builder

This could include knowing multiple languages, research skills, volunteer experience, or a personality trait like an avid notetaker and organizer. 

Good Skills to List for a Resume According to the Position

In addition to the ones listed above, some good skills to list for a resume should also cater to the position for which you are applying. Look through the job description to see what skills they prefer or are required. If you do not have experience in one more of them then use a transferable skill and explain how it pertains to the job. 

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