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Common Online Auto Shop Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Over 70% of leads aren’t sales-ready the first time they interact with your brand. In fact, nearly 80% of people will never become paying customers. Without a strong digital marketing strategy, your auto shop might never grow. 

When developing your strategy for 2022, take the time to avoid these common auto shop marketing mistakes. Learning to avoid these mistakes can enhance your marketing strategy.

You’ll have an easier time connecting with your audience, drawing them to your auto shop website, and converting them into customers.

Get ready to set your auto shop up for long-lasting success. Discover how to perfect your digital marketing strategy by avoiding these common mistakes today. 

1. Not Establishing Objectives

Before establishing your overall digital marketing strategy, take a second to consider your objectives and goals. Otherwise, you’ll start making these auto shop marketing mistakes before you even begin marketing!

Think about what you want to accomplish while marketing auto shops online. For example, you might want to start generating brand awareness.

If you want your auto shop to stand out from others in the area, you’ll need a distinct brand. You can rebrand your auto shop print materials, website, and social media accounts. Then, you can create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to generate brand awareness.

Perhaps you want to generate more traffic to your auto shop website. In that case, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising. 

You might consider becoming a thought leader in the auto shop industry instead. Writing guest blogs can help you establish your expertise. You can use customer reviews to boost your credibility, too. 

Outlining the objectives and goals you want to accomplish can help you determine which marketing strategies to focus on first. Otherwise, you could waste time and money on the wrong strategies.

2. Broad Targeting

Neglecting your target audience is one of the biggest auto shop marketing mistakes you can make before you even start marketing. Every customer is different. Take the time to consider who your customers are and exactly what they need. 

For example, you might want to focus on car owners who live within a specific target radius. Perhaps you want to focus on people with more expensive vehicles. In that case, you can target consumers who reach a specific household income.

You can also focus on gender, the specific services customers need, or the pain points they’re experiencing.

Understanding your customers will help you use more precise marketing messages. For example, you can sympathize with drivers who struggle to maintain older cars. You can show them you understand the troubles they’re experiencing.

Then, you can outline how your auto shop can help them improve their car’s performance. 

Broad targeting, on the other hand, might make it more difficult for you to connect with customers. They might think you fail to offer the specific services they need.

Instead, you can start personalizing your blog content and marketing messages. Personalization could drive up to eight times the ROI on your marketing spend. Sales might even rise by 10%, too!

3. Neglecting Social Media

As you begin developing your digital marketing strategy, take a moment to consider your social media marketing plans, too. Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting (or even avoiding) social media. Your customers are on social media every single day!

Instead of neglecting social media, use it to connect with your audience.

For example, you can show them photos of the cars you worked on recently. You can also post customer reviews to build your credibility. 

As you begin creating content for your website, make sure to share your posts on social media, too. Then, direct social media followers to your auto shop website. You can generate more website traffic through social media.

Start creating more video content for social media as well. You can create live Q&A videos to answer customer questions. They’ll recognize you have the expertise they need. 

4. Never Updating Your Website

Take a look at your auto shop website. When was the last time you updated the aesthetic, functionality, or content? An old, outdated website could make your business look behind the times.

Instead of neglecting your website, give it a major upgrade.

First, take the time to improve the user experience. A positive user experience will encourage people to keep exploring your site. 

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, too. Otherwise, smartphone users will struggle to explore your content. 

5. Not Blogging

Once you update your website, make sure to keep the content fresh. Otherwise, visitors might not have a reason to return. These auto shop marketing mistakes could impact your ability to generate fresh leads.

Instead, develop a strong strategy with SEO for auto shops in mind.

First, determine what questions your customers are asking online. Then, create content that answers their questions. You can optimize your content for SEO to appear when consumers use a specific keyword.

For example, you can see this labor guide for auto repair shops.

Make sure to update your Google My Business listing regularly, too.  

6. Neglect Trends

It’s not enough to start marketing auto shops online. You need to continue adjusting and adapting your plans throughout the year, too. Take the time to track the latest trends.

Tracking the latest digital marketing trends will ensure your brand appears relevant. You can find new opportunities to reach your audience, too. 

7. Overlooking Email

Email marketing will help you keep your audience interested, informed, and engaged. Put a subscription form on your website. Then, send subscribers coupons, articles, and service updates throughout the year.

Engaging your audience regularly can help you generate repeat sales. 

8. Forgetting to Optimize Campaigns

Once you start following through with your digital marketing strategy, track the progress of your campaigns. Tracking your progress will help you spot opportunities to make improvements. Improving your campaigns can help you optimize them for more leads and sales.

Then, you can improve your ROI and set your business up to grow. 

Rev Up: 8 Auto Shop Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Making these auto shop marketing mistakes could impact your ability to reach customers. Instead, update your digital marketing strategy for the new year. With a strong strategy in place, you can set your auto shop up for lasting growth. 

Start strategizing with these tips today.

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