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Best Websites for Hiring Remote Staff Online

Hiring remote staff today is very easy, thanks to many websites that allow anyone to do so in a few minutes.

If you’re wondering, what kind of people would need to hire remote staff? The answer is anyone who needs them. People like single moms, professionals, people with disabilities, or pretty much anyone.

Furthermore, being a digital nomad is getting more popular these days, since people can communicate through the internet. The same thing with work, people can get work done without having to come to the office. That’s why the process of hiring someone doesn’t need to be done face to face.

If you want to know try and see it for yourself how easy it is to hire remote staff online, check out my list of the best websites for hiring remote staff below.


Remote does a good job of categorizing each job so clients can easily look for remote staff with the right specialization. The website has been operating since 2007 and is trusted by many remote workers and clients.

You can immediately start posting remote jobs that you want right on the homepage, after filling out the necessary form. The whole process takes a few minutes and your post can already be seen by every remote worker on the site.


This website is perfect for people or businesses who want to find remote workers ASAP. This is mainly due to the number of freelancers registered on the website. There are over 13 million users registered today, so you’ll definitely find the ones you’re looking for.

Freelancer also claims to be the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. I believe that that claim is far from being wrong. If open the website, you’ll know why. You’ll see hundreds or even thousands of job posts with at least a dozen remote workers available to work on each post.


True to its name, you’ll find many flexible part-time jobs and other gigs posted on this site. Remote workers who come to this website are also expecting flexible jobs that are suitable for them. Navigating around the website’s menu and other features are very easy without any interruption and annoying ads.

Another thing that stands out from FlexJobs is security. You won’t find any scam here whatsoever, from either clients or remote workers. Everyone is well-protected and can apply or post jobs without worry.


This website is great and makes it very easy for anyone to find some of the best remote workers online. You can start finding remote workers as soon as you get to the homepage by typing your company email and a password of your choice. Then, you can post a job for free.

Scroll down a little bit and you’ll see eight types of jobs that you can post. From design and multimedia to writing and content, you’ll find many remote workers who possess these skills. According to Outsourcely, there are more than 400 thousand remote workers ready to be hired on their website.

And that’s not all. Outsourcely also provides a tool for employers and remote workers to communicate in real-time. With the communication tool, you can send instant messages and use the voice and video chat features. Now you can discuss the task at hand with ease.


On average, there are hundreds of jobs posted on JustRemote every month. The website is very simple, you don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes to learn how to navigate around the website and post a job.

You can post jobs related to SEO, social media, project management, HR, editing, marketing, and so many more. The list of skills supported by JustRemote is really long thanks to Power Search. Power Search is a feature that helps remote workers find a suitable job automatically. This attracts many remote workers even with the most niche set of skills.


If you’re planning to widen your search for remote workers, you should try every website even a small one like Remotive. At the moment there are more than 1,700 remote jobs from more than 900 remote companies on Remotive.

From what I see, the most popular jobs here are software development, customer service, design, and sales. You can check some of the popular jobs right and post a job immediately right on the homepage.

Hiring remote staff is easy and quick

Thanks to these great websites, many businesses can hire remote staff quickly and easily. If you’re planning to hire one or more remote workers, you can do just that right now. Believe me, the process is very easy and once you’ve done it, you’ll see why businesses love these websites.


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