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App Answers: Is There an App That Likes Instagram Posts for You?

What makes an Instagram post popular? Is it the quality of the image, the design of the layout, or even how it’s captioned? 

Instagram is huge, and it only continues to grow, which means there’s a ton of competition out there. Getting noticed on Instagram is difficult, not just because of how saturated it has become, but because people see so many Instagram posts, photos, videos, and ads every day. Using hashtags can be helpful to reach your target audience, but looking for more likes on Instagram also comes in handy when it comes to getting your account some extra attention. 

While there are tons of factors that make posts popular, there are also apps that help you get likes on your posts without any effort on your part. Read on to learn about top applications that like Instagram posts for you.


Canva is a fantastic tool when it comes to Instagram marketing. It allows users to upload photos from their computer or phone, add text and shapes, and apply filters in a simple-to-use interface. The app also supports social networks beyond Instagram; it can be used with:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Google+ 
  • LinkedIn 
  • YouTube 
  • Pinterest 

When posting on social media accounts, whether professional or personal, Canva is one of the most valuable tools. 

Like4Like for Instagram Posts 

Like4Like is good for getting your creative juices flowing because it lets you post photos on Instagram and, in exchange, get likes on other people’s photos.

You don’t have to unfollow anyone to use it since you follow back anyone who follows you after using it. It gives you more creative control over what you share with your audience while still building an engaged community of supporters. 

Like4Like helps you get real Instagram likes for android devices using a unique model. For example, it is designed to ensure that all likes on your accounts are free and yours. If you have been using such applications for a long time, you know that finding one that has no catch is not common. 

Social Repost 

Not everyone has millions of followers on Instagram, but many brands do. If you’re looking to expand your reach, reposting other people’s images is a simple way to get more eyeballs. One problem is that Instagram won’t let users repost content without crediting their original poster. 

The solution? Social Repost, an app that will like your most popular photos or videos on Instagram and post them back onto your account.

Social Repost will even credit you as from, so it looks like your account posted them. Take advantage of tools like these to keep growing your audience!  


If you want to automate your Instagram account and get likes, followers, and comments on your photos, there’s a service called Instagress that does just that. It will interact with other users by liking their photos and following people who follow you back using automated processes. You can even auto-generate new captions for your images in various languages. 

If none of those features is something you need or care about, Instagress also provides a blacklist feature so users can block any hashtags they don’t want to be associated with their profiles. The Blacklist feature allows you to target specific users based on many parameters. 

For example, suppose you’re promoting your new sneaker business. In that case, you could set up keywords for popular shoe brands and use these exact keywords as part of your blacklisting process, which would allow you to effectively ignore all Instagram user accounts posting tagged images of shoes. 

One drawback is that some have reported having their accounts closed by Instagram after using Instagress services. The good news is that you do not have to continue using their services after reaching your objectives. 

Another downfall might be relying too much on automating activities that are better accomplished manually because they are more effective at building genuine relationships with other users. 


If you’re not a photographer but still want to show off your life on Instagram, try Gramista. This app allows users to automatically post photos from their phone or tablet onto Instagram, complete with filters and hashtags. You can choose from a list of popular hashtags that have been preselected by Gramista or create your own tags. 

It’s pretty simple; choose up to 10 pictures simultaneously, upload them via Wi-Fi or iCloud, and enter your desired caption. Then sit back and let the app do its thing. It takes about two minutes per photo to load them onto Instagram, though it might take longer depending on how many pictures are selected. 

For those who prefer more control over their images, there is also an option to upload photographs as well manually. Gramista’s hashtag suggestions feature makes it incredibly unique, which gives users guidance as they build out a campaign. 


MassPlanner is an Instagram auto-liker. It allows you to like many pictures automatically in a short period, based on hashtags or specific users. You can use this app to grow your Instagram following, get more engagement on your photos, and stand out from other users in your niche.  

Type in a hashtag or user name into MassPlanner, select how many likes to give each picture, then click Start Posting to start liking hundreds of photos instantly! It’s easy to get thousands of new followers on Instagram with MassPlanner. 


Websta is one of many people’s favorites because it’s an Instagram content discovery platform. So, what does that mean? You can use Websta to discover other Instagram users based on specific hashtags, which means you can easily find new people to follow. 

Some of its features include notifications when someone likes your photos, hashtags related to your search, and suggestions for accounts similar to ones you already follow. If you’re into Instagram stories or want more followers than just your real-life friends, Websta is perfect for discovering new content across multiple channels. 

It also integrates with Instagram to quickly share a user’s photos from right inside their app. In addition to having some great content curation tools, Websta lets you create collections and give specific feedback about how others are doing with their engagement.

It’s not uncommon for photographers to spend years collecting tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, so if you happen upon a popular account, using Websta could help make sure they see your work first.  


This is an app available for iOS and Android. The free version of InstaPlus offers users one free post per day, but if you want to unlock additional features (including more likes on each post), then you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan. It costs $7 per month or $60 per year. Pricing tiers are pretty steep, but many users report it’s worth it because of its effectiveness in getting likes. 

One downside: Your Instagram feed will be filled with lots of spammy comments, so expect to do some cleanup after your campaign ends. To be on the safe side, exercise caution when using these apps because if people see that all of your recent Instagram activity has been coming from third-party apps, they might flag those accounts for review by Instagram itself. 


Quuu is a nifty app that gives your Instagram post a little boost. It’s got some unique features. Firstly, it lets you decide what time of day to post, meaning you can create a schedule, so your Instagram account is always active. Secondly, if someone tags or mentions you in their post, Quuu will repost it with an extra-special shoutout. 

This way, your engagement rate goes up, and so does your follower count., Quuu boosts engagement by liking your followers’ posts too. You can even boost a photo through Facebook marketing to get tons of likes fast. The best part about Quuu is that the basic plan is free. 

With all these advantages, it makes sense to use Quuu to get more out of Instagram marketing. 


This bot automatically ‘likes’ Instagram photos on your behalf. All you have to do is select a hashtag or username and wait until you’ve amassed enough likes to make it seem human. Then, click ‘Post’ and see how things work out like magic.

If your account isn’t private, all your followers will see your most liked photo. They’ll think it’s organic—and most likely, they won’t check up on whether or not that is true. When using Instagraffer to bulk-like photos, be sure to unfollow any users whose photos keep getting liked—otherwise, they’ll start feeling pretty spurned. 

Get Instagram Likes for Better Likes 

Regardless of the app, you use to get likes on your Instagram posts; you have to be sure that it boosts your marketing campaigns. That is why smart marketers only use applications that have been tested and proven beyond doubt. You may also want to experiment with several apps before settling for one. 

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