8 Helpful Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

Are you looking for a fun way to make a little extra money to pay your bills? You should try out sports betting.

When you’re new to the game, it can be easy to go overboard and lose big. If you can get the hang of it, however, you can make some serious cash.

You’ve got to learn when to go big and when to go home. It also helps to choose a focus and get a few sports betting tips before you dip your toes into this exciting venture.

We can help you with that last one. Check out this guide to learn how you can win big on sports betting websites.

1. Don’t Go Big or Go Home

The first time you hit up a sports betting platform, it can be easy to get carried away and go big. You get a good feeling from a team and put all your eggs in one basket. That’s a good way to lose a lot of cash.

Instead, of pouring all your funds into picks and parlays for MLB, take things slow. Maybe invest a few dollars into it.

Once you gather some experience, you can put more and more of your funds into it.

There are a few things that you can do to pump the brakes and cut yourself off. The first is to choose a focus.

2. Choose a Focus

When people are first starting out, they wait to bet on huge games like the Super Bowl. If you don’t know what you’re doing yet, that can be a huge mistake.

Since popular games like this tend to drag out a huge betting crowd, you’ll be more likely to lose money if you get in on without being experienced.

Instead of betting on the NFL and other bigs, do yourself a favor and focus on a single sport. Specializing will teach you how to analyze data and make informed decisions before you go all-in on things like the Super Bowl.

3. Take Some Time to Study

Analyzing data brings us to our next point. You want to take some time to study before making a bunch of sports bets.

Learn how sportsbooks make the big bucks they do and play at a reputable site such as That will make it easier for you to turn a profit. If you don’t know the first thing about sports, now is the time to learn.

If you’re planning to bet on football, study all the different positions. That will help you analyze players. If you can analyze players, you’ll know which teams have the biggest advantage when going against each other.

4. Moneyline Wagers

You’ve got a choice to place bets as a spread or go with Moneyline wagers. For beginners, Moneyline wagers are safer.

The first betting method involves choosing a winning spread. It can be kind of challenging to figure out which team is going to get closest to the mark.

With Moneyline wagers, you only need to bet on who you think is going to win the entire game outright. It’s much less confusing.

5. Have Realistic Expectations

You’re ready to break away from your 9 to 5 to make a living doing something much more exciting. That’s why you’ve decided to get into sports betting!

We hate to tell you to pump the brakes on this decision, but… it sounds like your expectations are a little too high. Sports betting is way too unpredictable to make a living on.

We’re not saying that to dash your hopes upon the rocks. You can make some good money by betting, but you should treat it as a secondary income source. It makes an okay side gig.

6. Have a Clear Mind

When you’re betting, you’re using actual money in your wallet. It’s not something you want to do when you’re under the influence. It will be too easy for you to get carried away and give away your rent.

We’re not saying that you can’t relax and drink a few beers while you watch your favorite sporting event. What we are saying is that you should place your bets before you dive in.

7. Don’t Bet on a Team Because They’re Your Favorite

It can be tempting to throw all your money away on a team that you love. You want them to win because they’re your favorite.

When you’re putting forth actual cash, you can’t afford to get swept up in such sentimentality. There are no hard feelings.

You’ve got to be unbiased if you want to make the big bucks. Your favorite players would do the same if they were in your shoes.

8. Stay Away From Risky Sports

You don’t want to believe that someone would fix a game, but it happens. If you want to avoid that kind of foul play, you’ll have to stay away from risky sports.

The two most dangerous things to bet on are tennis and golf. Both these games only involve two people, which makes them super easy to fix. All it takes is for one of the players to throw the match.

Amazing Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

If you’re looking for an exciting way to make a little extra money, sports betting is a great way to do it. If you take the time to do your research and learn what you’re doing, you can win big.

If you don’t follow the sports betting tips we’ve talked about today, you can also lose big. Don’t let that happen to you!

For more tips that will teach you how to bet on sports, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.


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