5 Traditional Asian Dishes You Must Explore

Asia is famous for its most amazing dishes. In fact, no matter where you are right now, chances are you can order some delicious Asian dishes. However, if you want to taste some genuine Asian dishes, you got to try the traditional ones.

In this article, I have a list of five traditional Asian dishes that you should try. These dishes are what people in Asia love to eat almost every day. See for yourself why these traditional dishes are loved in Asia. Furthermore, if you want to try these dishes yourself, you can simply shop via an online Asian supermarket and have them delivered to you.

Gua Bao

Let’s start the list with something that many people would be familiar with, Gua Bao. Gua Bao is a traditional Taiwanese hamburger made using a steamed bun. The texture is soft and chewy, and the addition of pickled greens, ground peanuts, coriander, and pork, make this traditional hamburger so delicious.

The sweetness of the steamed bun and the rich flavor of fatty pork make such a delicious dish that much Taiwanese love. Usually, Gua Bao is served with chilli sauce. You can also find Gua Bao with various fillings; feel free to choose a filling that you love.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a delicious dessert from Thailand. If fresh mango is not enough, the addition of coconut syrup, sprinkles of toasted mung beans, and sticky coconut rice will surely make this sweet treat irresistible. Overall, the taste is sweet and slightly salty, perfect to be enjoyed during lunchtime.

Miso Ramen

I won’t be surprised if you’ve heard or even tried Miso Ramen before. This ramen is a staple food in Japan, and many, I mean, many restaurants in the country serve it. However, you can often find Miso Ramen from shop stands on the side of the street. That makes Miso Ramen a genuine traditional Japanese dish that you should try.

This noodle dish has gotten so famous that many people have adapted it to their own styles. In Japan, you can even find Miso Ramen being sold in supermarkets. So Miso Ramen is a perfect option if you want to try a traditional Asian dish that is readily available everywhere.


Satay is an iconic dish from Indonesia. If you have ever visited Indonesia before, then you should have seen satay being sold before. From fancy restaurants to small shop stands, satay can be found almost everywhere in the country. Furthermore, not only satay is tasty and affordable, but it is also a versatile dish with dozens of variations.

If you want to try eating chunks of meat skewered on a stick and grilled with complete peanut sauce, then you should try satay. And as I said, satay is a versatile dish. It can be made using beef, chicken, rabbit, or pork. There are also various toppings available, such as coconut flake.


Pho is an absolute powerhouse dish that originated in Vietnam. It is one of the most famous Asian dishes that are available in many countries. The dish has a long history in Vietnam; it was invented during the French colonization, in the village of Vân Cù near Hanoi. To this day, pho can be found in almost every corner of Vietnam, and many other places in southeast Asia.

Pho has a lot of varieties, too. So don’t be surprised when you are being offered plenty of options to your pho. Usually, you can find pho that is made using beef or chicken broth. This soup can surely bring your energy back after a busy day.

Try these dishes today.

Asian dishes are always interesting and tasty. One dish can have a lot of variations depending on where you buy it. All these dishes will give you a taste of Asia and make you want to try more.


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