5 Things To Know Before You Sell Your Phone

If you’re considering selling your phone, here are a few tips: first, clean! If you’ve reset or cleaned your phone, you may want to consider selling it through another program. Keep reading for tips to sell your phone to the best possible buyer. 

Reset your phone before selling it

Before you sell your old device, find out what is ecoatm? It is one of a few firms that allows you to sell your old electronics. If you’re planning to sell your phone, you’ll want to ensure your phone is completely erased from all data. Besides, a factory reset can make your phone run more smoothly, clean up the RAM, and remove any individual files. But if you’re selling a Samsung phone, be prepared for this step to be complicated.

First, turn off your phone. This will remove all your personal information from the device, but some data may be left behind. If unsure, you can use specialized data-erasing tools to delete all personal data from your phone. But be aware that you might still encounter some of these leftovers. So, it’s essential to use a tool designed for this purpose. It might take several minutes to do this process, so be patient.

Clean the surface of your phone

Before selling your used phone, you must clean the surface well. For example, a microfiber cloth can remove smudges and other grime from the phone’s surface. The friction between the fabric and the glass surface lifts dirt and germs from the surface. Microfiber cloths also absorb grease and dirt better than other materials. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for cleaning your phone. To sell your used phone for a higher price, you should clean its surface as soon as possible.

Before you start cleaning your phone, make sure that you remove it from its wireless charging pad and charger. After that, turn it off. Afterward, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt and dust from the phone’s surface. Don’t use paper towels or paper-based wipes to wipe the phone’s screen. These materials can cause damage to the phone’s screen. Also, do not use bleach or ammonia on the phone’s surface. If you cannot find one, you can buy a microfiber cloth from your local retail store.

Consider its condition

When selling your cell phone, consider its condition. If your phone is in mint condition, you must take numerous photos. In addition to the primary photograph, you should take a picture of the box showing the verification code. The verification photo should not have any private information on it. Additional images of your cell phone should be taken outdoors and in good lighting. Make sure to take more than one photo to capture the best quality. Then, you can post your listings on websites like eBay or Craigslist to increase the chances of getting interested buyers.

Check other buyback programs.

 If the phone is in good condition and you can provide a copy of your data, you should check, a phone listing service. The company will pay you up to 33% more than most mobile carriers. It also guarantees the first price it quotes, which is essential if you’re selling a working phone.

There are ecoATMs near me that will buy back your phone if you decide to upgrade to an iPhone. Consider selling your phone on online if you cannot find a buyback program. This has become a trendy online marketplace for selling cell phones.

Donate part of the cash to charity

If you want to donate your old phone,this trade-in website presents part of the cash it receives to charity. Among the organizations that the company partners with are Oxfam, the National Trust, and WaterAid. This new scheme aims to combat digital inequalities by donating a part of the money you make.

Charitable Impact is another option. You can donate part of the cash from selling your phone to charity and receive a tax receipt. This site has more than 86K registered charities and allows you to choose the charity that best suits your needs. You can choose any charity you like, and be sure your donation will benefit the cause you care about. In addition to receiving a charitable tax deduction, the company provides free shipping labels.



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