5 Popular Holiday Locations In The UK

Whether you are traveling solo or with a friend, the UK has many places that you should visit. For most travelers, the UK has so many places to visit and not enough time to visit them all.

So to help you with that, I have the five popular holiday locations in the UK that you should visit.


Cornwall is without a doubt one of the most loved holiday spots in the UK. It is located on the southwestern end of Great Britain and is surrounded by the sea. The main reasons why people visit Cornwall are for the pounding surf, idyllic countryside, fresh air, awesome food, art scenes, stunning beaches, and Cornwall cottages.

There is always something to do in Cornwall. St Ives and Falmouth are the creative hubs where you can witness many pictures and galleries. Cornwall’s coastline is full of beautiful beaches: Praa Sands, Godrevy Beach, Marazion Beach, and Porthcurno Beach. Overall, you can expect fun attractions, stunning natural views, and ancient towns and villages.

Jurassic Coast

If you want to visit somewhere green with beautiful scenery with a twist, try visiting Jurassic Coast. This ancient coast and World Heritage Site is located in the southern part of the UK. Jurassic Coast is full of exciting attractions, stunning beaches, and wonderful walking routes. From Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, the attractions never end.

So what’s the twist here? I am talking about fossil hunting. Fossil hunting is a popular local activity, which you can participate in to find belemnites and ammonites. Don’t be surprised if you found yourself spending hours finding fossils.

Lake District

Breathtaking mountains, lively market towns and villages, fresh air, pub lunches, and lovely lakes are what many people think of the UK. And in Lake District, you can experience them all. The Lake District has 885 square miles of a national park full of wildlife, historic and heritage sites, and adventures.

Many artists have been inspired by the mountain tops and the remarkable landscape of the Lake District. That is proof of how amazing the views are from this area. You can also try swimming, sailing, and kayaking on the many lakes of the national park. I really can’t recommend the national park enough. This is definitely a must-visit location if you are nearby.


If you want to experience what it’s like to be in an iconic rural village in the UK, then you should visit Costwolds. Cobbled houses that create picturesque villages, complete with pretty holiday cottages where you can stay in. Costwolds is truly an amazing place where you can enjoy the fresh air and stunning views.

Don’t forget about the Costwolds Water Park where you can have a lot of fun in the water, sailing or kayaking, and even wakeboarding across the water. You can also visit the Costwolds Wildlife Park and Gardens to see various animals. Costwolds is a great place for people who are either traveling solo or with family members.

Peak District

If you really love walking, so you can enjoy the local scenery to the fullest, Peak District is where you want to go. Before visiting Peak District, don’t forget to bring your walking boots and some water. Enjoy trekking your way across the epic Peak District, soaking in the views, and witnessing the wildlife of this national park.

If you’d prefer something more challenging, try cycling, gorge scrambling, or Go Ape high ropes. You can do all these challenges with your friends and family too. Besides the thrills, Peak District also has quaint and quiet villages where you can stay and relax during holidays. Peak District is really full of fun actions and adventures.

Final thoughts

Visiting the UK is more than just sightseeing in the capital. These five places are going to change how you see the UK. From challenging yourself with exciting and adrenaline-pumping adventures to relaxing villages, I am sure you won’t be disappointed with your trip.


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