5 Important Firearm Safety Tips Every Gun Owner Should Know

Did you know that almost 19 million firearms were sold during 2021 in the U.S.? Millions of people decided to purchase a firearm for the very first time. With so many new gun owners comes the increased importance of firearm safety.  

A gun can be a dangerous investment if don’t take precautions. Have you recently become a gun owner and need firearm safety tips?

The following guide will explore 5 ways to become a safer and more responsible firearm owner.

1. Proper Firearm Storage

Make sure you have a safe place to store your firearm before making a purchase. Lockboxes and gun safes have many safety benefits and are a must-have for gun owners.

Proper gun storage keeps your firearm away from any children in your home. They also help prevent your guns from theft during a robbery.

Storage also protects your firearms from moisture and fire damage. 

2. Safe Carrying Practices

Purchase a quality holster if you intend to legally carry your firearm for self-defense purposes. The holster should have good retention and hold the gun against your body correctly.

Buy the best concealed carry gun size for belts, purses, holsters, or whatever you choose. Practice with the carry method you decide on and become comfortable with it. 

3. Keep Your Gun Unloaded

You should never handle or store a loaded gun inside of your home. Accidents can happen very quickly if you neglect this safety tip. For example, keeping guns unloaded helps prevent suicides and accidental shootings.

In addition, you should store firearms and ammunition in different locations. It’s an extra precaution but serves as a great backup in case your gun falls into the wrong hands.

4. Pointing Firearms

Remember to never point a gun towards anyone whether it’s loaded or not. This is especially important to consider when cleaning, loading, and unloading guns.

The unintentional discharging of firearms can kill or severely injure innocent people nearby. Ensuring that the muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction prevents potential accidents.

Take extra precautions if you plan to use your firearm for hunting with others. Be aware of the direction of your muzzle when climbing tree stands and making other movements.

5. Wear Safety Gear When Practicing

Consider wearing protective glasses and hearing protectors when you practice shooting. Exposure to firearm noise while shooting can permanently damage your hearing.

Eyewear protects against things like falling shots, clay target fragments, and ruptured cases. They can also protect against general gun malfunctions, twigs, and other debris.

Wear eye protection when you break down and clean guns as well. It protects against spring tension components, solvents, and other chemical agents.

Understanding Firearm Safety

Now you know 5 crucial firearm safety tips to keep yourself and others out of danger. It’s important to remind yourself of these tips regularly until you form good habits.

Remember this gun safety guide and educate all members of your household with the information. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips and fascinating articles.


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