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5 Helpful Email Marketing Tips

With most people receiving 121 emails each day, it’s essential to do something extra to help yours stand out. It’s not enough to have a reasonable offer or a great product if you can’t get someone to open your email.

If you’re ready to level up your email marketing, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn out five helpful email marketing tips for better email performance this year.

1. Write Compelling Subject Lines

The first step to getting someone to open your email is by writing a subject line that entices them to want to learn more. It’s the first impression someone has when getting your email, and you need it to be compelling enough for them to want to open it.

Here are a few examples of great subject lines to encourage openings:

  • Don’t Miss Out On These Deals
  • Open For A Surprise
  • Something Special’s Waiting For You
  • 24 Hour Flash Sale – Hurry!

Don’t be afraid to put some emojis in there as well as personalization, so they feel like the email is made specifically for them. You should also always A/B test your subject lines, so the best one always wins.

2. Countdown Timer

If you have an offer in your email, consider including a countdown timer at the top showing how much time is left for them to claim the deal. This will put a sense of urgency on your coupon or sale, encouraging them to go and buy right away.

You could also consider including a countdown of items left if you’re low on stock in a popular item. Any type of counter you include will help to increase your conversions.

3. Always Test Before Sending

One of the best email marketing tips we can give you is to use outlook email preview to view and test your emails. There’s nothing worse than creating the perfect email but forgetting to include the link for someone to buy, or there’s a typo in the subject line.

That’s why if you’re not testing with a comprehensive testing software, you could be making mistakes that will cost you.

4. Use Email Automation

If you’re manually sending out your emails, you’re wasting your time. An email automation system can manage your entire digital marketing campaign and send out emails to your customers when they’re ready to buy. 

Email automation can also resend emails to people who didn’t open them the first time to ensure they don’t miss out on your deals.

5. Keep It Short

After a certain length, your email gets cut off when it goes to someone’s inbox. While testing your emails, make sure you don’t have so much content that someone has to click “view more.” Chances are, they’re not going to and are missing information you think is vital.

Put These Email Marketing Tips to Good Use Today

Now that you know our five helpful email marketing tips, it’s time for you to implement them today! Remember to try a variety of subject lines with emojis, and never forget to preview and test your email before sending it. With these tips, we’re sure you’re going to rock your email marketing this year!

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