3 Tips for Organizing Your Wedding Rehearsal

Naturally, depending entirely on the number of guests you have invited to your wedding day and reception evening and, indeed, the type of service you are going to choose, it may well be the case that a wedding rehearsal is more of an added luxury, rather than a necessity.

Regardless, if you are currently ensconced in wedding planning and booking entertainment, flowers, and other key components of your celebration, then take away the stress of planning your wedding rehearsal and follow the following three incredibly important key pieces of advice.

Your Wedding Procession

Contrary to popular belief, there is no set order for your bridal party to walk down the aisle, and if you are wanting to buck the trend, then you could even have the groom and his groomsmen walk down the aisle too.

When it comes to lining up your bridal party, there are several options to choose from with the main point here being that, rather than letting them stand where they want to do on the day, there should be a plan, which could include:

  • Arranging the procession from shortest to tallest
  • Having them stand in the order of how long you have known them
  • Arranging the procession from youngest to oldest
  • Having them stand in the order of how close you are to each of them

Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the wedding rehearsal of them all is the rehearsal dinner and this is, therefore, the area in which you should apply the most focus and engage in the most planning.

Deciding on who will host the dinner is one of the first tasks and even though, traditionally in American weddings, it is the family of the groom who hosts the rehearsal, these days it could be the bride’s loved ones, or even the couple themselves.

So too have times changed when it comes to who pays for the entirety of the wedding rehearsal (as indeed, the wedding itself), and now it is far more common for both sides of the wedding party to contribute in some way.

Remember, when it comes to sending out your invitations for your wedding rehearsal dinner, be as quick as possible in reserving the date, especially for those key members of both the groom’s and bride’s parties.

Turn Your Rehearsal into a Private Party

Finally and most importantly of all, your wedding rehearsal, whilst being formal and, of course, after the official schedule has been adhered to and completed, should be a private party for your nearest and dearest.

One simple yet incredibly effective and special way of doing this is to hire prominent wedding bartenders to be situated either inside or outside the venue and who can also provide the refreshments on your wedding day itself.

This way, you can toast to the upcoming wedding celebration safely in the knowledge that everyone knows what to do, where to stand, and what is going to happen every step of the way. 


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